Loutra YpatiPhoto Gallerys is a small but organized community that ensures a pleasant and comfortable stay for its visitors.

The town gives the impression of an agricultural area, from the outside.  Agricultural and ranching occupations are still in bloom, especially in the surrounding communities.

Within the town, however, there is an entirely different feel. There are several modern houses, where rooms are regularly rented to visitors. There are tens of hotels of various categories and sizes, while a few of them were built in the end of the 19th century, giving the town a unique character.

The visitors can move around by taxi, while there are hourly buses that connect the town wit the city of Lamia.

There are several restaurants and taverns in the town and the surrounding area, while coffee and pastry shops are open throughout the day under the shade of planetrees, next to a beautiful park.

For the fans of trekking and excursions, the area provides unique opportunities towards several directions and especially towards Mt Iti, to beautiful communities, the famous monastery of Agathon and the National Forest. Within close proximity, are also sites of historic battles (of ancient and recent times), such as Thermopylae and Gorgopotamos.